A new platform for knowledge and creativity. CCFOUND — promising project.


Now is the age where information are often accessed freely from various platforms like Google, Wikipedia, Quora, etc. On these platforms, users can post and access information, but where users are only limited to contributors where they participate in providing information without earning money. Likewise, with the knowledge provided, not all of those platforms provide the knowledge that users need on one page, sometimes users need to open many tabs or pages to be ready to find some information from several platforms, which makes it difficult for users.
But what happens once you can access various information easily through one portal? this is often the answer offered by ccFOUND, a blockchain-based education portal that permits users to realize access to knowledge and wisdom. ccFOUND may be a combination of the Udemy, Quora, and Wikipedia platforms where users can ask questions, published responses, news and analyzes, and lots of other things, through one innovative and modern educational portal.

What do you need to know about CCFOUND?

Initially, it should be noted that this is often a blockchain startup with a worldwide idea. Namely, to profit society by creating a singular new social network for the dissemination of data and knowledge. Arrange everything that has knowledge of the planet and roll in the hay in one search plan. altogether languages, round the world. Every Internet user is going to be ready to find his answer within the decentralized network! The platform, managed by society consistent with the DAO system, are going to be completely transferred to a decentralized management system. Freedom of speech, knowledge and knowledge.

CCFOUND — communication of information is the basis of the project. Integration into a single network. The platform on which the community will develop. Of course, do not forget that on such a platform, authors will be able to monetize their knowledge. This is important. Although for frequent content monetization, it is not important for professionals. They usually want recognition. However, this will not be a bad bonus for their further development!

Three platform elements:
• A social network in which the community shares its knowledge and receives information
• Search engine where users can find solutions to their questions
• Trading platform to sell your knowledge and expertise.

Key elements of the platform (how we will get our knowledge):

• online courses
• live workouts
• consultations
• closed groups
• insider newsletters
• reports and analyzes
• paid webinars
• events and conferences
• e-books and audiobooks

Prospects for the development of CCFOUND.

Personally, I believe that knowledge has no value. Therefore, such projects are capable of developing independently and effortlessly. The main thing is to give users good tools and opportunities. The rest of the community will do it themselves. The project has a bright future. Even in the documents, the project plans to develop for the next 10 years. Which is important for both investors and content creators. The project tells us that it is ready to evolve and surpass all available digital information systems.


• New search system Wisdom Search Tools
• Monetizing knowledge without advertising
• Decentralized social network
• Community-driven DAO
• Using the latest blockchain technologies

What about CCFOUND?

Amazing business project. Knowledge is a serious driving part! Perhaps this platform will solve the problem of search algorithms. And it will occupy a serious niche in the digital world. Also, new solutions will be able to outperform tools such as wikis. Thank you! Follow the project news.


The Issuer will carry out its own sort of FOUND Coin ccFOUND (image: “Discovered”), which will be made as per the ERC-20 norm. The ccFOUND Coin will actually want to be sent safely and appropriately dealt with in Binance Smart Chain — viable wallet applications, like MetaMask. The Issuer maintains whatever authority is needed to give theFOUND Coin on another blockchain network in the event that it demonstrates useful for this venture and the Investors.

The lssuer will give a sum of 2 000 FOUND Coins. The lssuer likewise claims all authority to complete an extra issue sometime in the not too distant future to the degree controlled by the local area choice (DAO). The lssuer will stay away from this chance all together not to expand the stockpile of FOUND Coins. The chance will be acknowledged whether it is to help the lnvestors.

Token data
● Ticker: FOUND
● Token Platform: Binance Chain
● Token Type: BEP-20
● available to be purchased: 645,000,000 FOUND (64.5%)
● Total stock: 1,000,000,000 FOUND

As far as the full number of gave FOUND Coins demonstrated in point 3.2, the cycle of this appropriation will be separated into two sections, where same FOUND Coins will be moved for customary deal, while the other part will be apportioned to current exercises re lated to the lssuer’s tasks and the advancement of the actual Platform. The division of the quantity of gave FOUND Coins will be made as per the accompanying:

Found Coin distribution
Coins available to be purchased 64.5%
● 14.5% for private deal
● 50% for public sale

Coins not available to be purchased 35.5%
● 15.5% held by the backer
● 20% is expected to purchase the undertaking from introductory support


We not, at now sleep in the info time. We are getting into the amount of sharing information and astuteness. ccFOUND will become the foremost famous training entryway on the earth. It unites individuals and permits them to trade data, information and astuteness. ccFOUND will interpret all inquiries and answers into each and each other language — to and fro. Subsequently, it’ll find yourself being a spot for overall intelligence sharing, permitting individuals in Japan to deal with inquiries from Brazil, or individuals in Germany to peruse what Koreans got to share. The people group will guarantee interpretation quality through arranged DAO systems, compensating individuals who right interpretations with Knowledge Currency and notoriety focuses.

Website : https://shop.ccfound.com/
Whitepaper : https://shop.ccfound.com/media/other/EN/ccFOUND-whitepaper-EN.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/ccfchat
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ccfound2
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ccFOUND1/
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/ccfound/
YouTube : http://youtube.com/channel/UCeUWDOf5QLZnVr3C-lM4WKA


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